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Q1. What is Right against exploitation?

A1.Right against exploitation is a Fundamental Right provided to every citizen of India by the Constitution of India. It gives you, the common man, the power to stand up against any kind of exploitation that you might be going through.


Q2. What types of exploitation are covered under this right?

A2.Right against exploitation, as defined in the Constitution, stands up against two types of exploitation:

1.       Traffic in human beings and forced labour or begar

2.       Child Labour


Q3. What is meant by traffic in human beings?

A3. Traffic in human beings is the worst form of exploitation. It means buying or selling people by others for the purposes of slaving and prostitution. Slave trade and prostitution and any other kind of traffic in human beings have been prohibited by the Constitution of India and are punishable in accordance with law.


Q4. What is begar?

A4.Begar is forced labour. It existed in feudal India when landless peasants were forced to work on the fields of big landlords without any wages in order to repay the debt taken by their forefathers. Any such form of forced labour that enables a man to perform some work without being paid for it, is a violation of the right against exploitation and is punishable under law.


Q5. What is child labour?

A5.Child labour means employing children below the age of 14 years to work in factories, industries, households and hotels. It is the worst form of exploitation as it deprives a child of his childhood and exposes him to the brutalities of the world. It is strictly prohibited and punishable under law.


Q6. If I see a child below 14 years of age being employed in a household, where should I complain?

A6.You should report to the nearest police station that child labour is being practiced in your area. Also, you can contact an NGO working in your area against child labour. You can also take the help of Bachpan Bachao Andolan, which is a civil society dedicated towards the eradication of child labour in India. You can visit their website (www.bba.org.in) for further information.


Q7. If children are working to support their poor families – what is wrong with that?

A7.Majority of child labourers are taken away from their families through deceitful means. They don’t work by choice, but out of compulsion. However, they are paid very little wages as compared to an adult labourer for the same amount of work.  They never earn/save enough to send back any money home and are actually not supporting the families at all. Child labour is an unethical practice and needs complete eradication.


Q8. What if I am forced by someone to work for free?

A8.It is your fundamental right to stand up against exploitation in any form. Nobody can force you for doing something that you do not desire. You can directly approach the Supreme Court of India or the High Courts of the State and pray for necessary writ to stop your exploitation.  You can also file a complaint under Bonded Labour (Abolition) Act, 1976 to the district court of your area.

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