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Landmark Judgments

•  In the landmark case of SR Bommai Vs. Union of India, 1994, the Supreme Court held that secularism is a basic feature of the Constitution.

•  In landmark National Anthem case, 1956 the Supreme Court held that a person cannot be compelled to sing the National Anthem if he has genuine religious objections and that Brahmins do not have a monopoly over performing pujas in temples.

•  In Ismail Faruqui Vs. Union of India, 1994, it was held that the State can in the exercise of its sovereign power, acquire places of worship.

•  In Aruna Roy Vs. Union of India, 2002, it was held that the National Curriculum for Framework for School Education, 2000 which provided for value education based on teachings of various religions was not violative of Article 28.

•  The Supreme Court has held that there is no fundamental right to convert another person to one's religion as such a right would infringe on the right to freedom of conscience guaranteed to all citizens of the country alike.

•  In Stainislaus Vs. State of M.P., 1997, the Supreme Court upheld the validity of the Acts passed by the Madhya Pradesh and Orissa Governments, which prohibited forcible conversion from one religion to another in a manner reprehensible to the conscience of the community and which made conversions by force, fraudulence and allurement an offence.

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