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Landmark Judgments

·  In Jagdev Singh Sidhant, Vs. Pratap Singh Daulata, 1960, it was held by the Supreme court, that "Right to conserve the language of the citizen includes the right to agitate for the conservation of language of a section of the citizens cannot therefore be regarded as corrupt practice within the meaning of S 123 (3) of Representation of people Act 1951 ".


·  Supreme Court in Ahmedabad St. Xavier College Vs. State of Gujarat pointed out that “the spirit behind the provision of the following article is conscience of the nation that the minorities, religious as well as linguistic, are not prohibited from establishing and administering educational institutes, of their choice for the purpose of giving their child the best general education to make them complete man and women of the country.”


·  In the landmark case of St. Stephen College Vs. University of Delhi, 1991, it was held that- “Article 30(1) does not mean that the minority can establish an educational institution solely for the benefit of its own community people. The minority are not entitled to establish such institution for their exclusive benefit. Every education institution irrespective of community to which it belongs is a melting pot in our national life and that it is essential that there should be a proper mix of the students of different communities in all education institutions. This means that a minority institution cannot refuse admission students of other minority and majority communities.”

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