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Landmark Judgments

•  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who played the most significant role in the framing of the Constitution of India declared in the Constituent Assembly about this right:

"If I was asked to name the particular Article in this Constitution as the most important without which this Constitution would be a nullity, I could not refer to any other Article except this one. It is the very soul of the Constitution and the very heart of it and I am glad that the House has realized its importance.”

•  In the landmark case of Romesh Thappar Vs. the State of Madras, the Supreme Court held that:

"Article 32 provides a guaranteed remedy for the enforcement of the rights conferred by Part III (of the Constitution) and this remedial right is itself made a fundamental right by being included in Part III. The Court is thus constituted the protector and guarantor of fundamental rights and it cannot, consistently with the responsibility so laid upon it, refuse to entertain applications seeking protection against infringements of such rights."

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