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Q1.  What is meant by the rights of the farmers with respect to their land?

A1.  India is an agricultural country and farmers are very vital to the progress of India. Hence, the rights of farmers need to be strengthened. Rights of farmers with respect to their lands means that farmers should have total control over their agricultural land and government must safeguard this right from people who wish to acquire agricultural land for making residential buildings and industries.


Q2.  What is the main purpose behind safeguarding agricultural land?

A2.  The main purpose behind safeguarding agricultural land is to protect the agricultural economy of India. If all good agricultural land is taken from the farmers and buildings are made upon it, then our country will have nothing left to eat. It is through agriculture that India can support its enormous population. Any downfall in agricultural production will create food shortage in the country.


Q3.  What are the various rights available to a farmer?

A3.  Farmers have various rights in India:


1.  The income of farmers from agricultural land is exempted from payment of income tax.

2.  Agricultural land of farmers cannot be acquired without paying adequate compensation.

3.  Lands falling under the agricultural zone cannot be used for residential or industrial purpose unless notified by the government.

4.  Farmers have the right to get good quality seeds and fertilizers from the government at subsidized prices.

5.  Farmers have a right to sell their produce to the government at a minimum support price if the market is low.

6.  Through Panchayats, farmers have the right to address their own issues and take part in decision- making process.

7.  Farmers have a right to get loans from nationalized banks in the country on a priority basis for buying agricultural equipments  as part of the primary sector lending.

8.  They are entitled to new technology and scientific techniques in agriculture.


Q4.  What are the various measures that can safeguard the rights of the farmers?

A4.  To protect the interests of the farmers, they should be given complete control over their land. A regulation banning any acquisition of land by builders or industrialists much be kept in place so that the fertile land remains exclusively for agricultural purposes. Landless farmers should be allotted land by the government. Good quality seeds and scientific know how must be given to farmers to improve their production and earn profits.

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