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Q1.  What are the rights of Indians in a foreign country?

A1.  Indians residing in a foreign country have the right to be protected in the alien land. It is the duty of the Indian Embassy in that country to see to it that the citizens of India are safe and secure in that country.


Q2.  What are the duties of the Indian Embassy towards Indian citizens?

A2.  Indian Embassy is responsible for ensuring that Indian citizens are treated fairly under the law of the foreign country in which he is stationed. Any Indian citizen, whether visiting the foreign country or living there for an extended period, can directly approach the Indian Embassy, if he experiences legal difficulties.


Q3.  What is a citizen of India is arrested in a foreign country?

A3.  If a citizen of India is arrested in a foreign country, then he is entitled to help from the Indian Embassy in that country. It is the responsibility of the Indian Embassy to appear in court and make sure that the law is administered properly in the citizen's case and also to provide the necessary legal support to the Indian citizen.


Q4.  What protection is available to the property of an Indian in a foreign country if he dies?

A4.  If an Indian citizen dies in a foreign country then it is the duty of the Indian Embassy to look into any legal issues arising with property of the deceased. Notably, the consul is responsible for protecting any property owned by the deceased citizen until and unless it is handed over to decedent's heirs.


Q5.  If I loose my passport while visiting a foreign country, what should I do?

A5.  If you loose your passport in a foreign country, then you must immediately report the matter to the Indian Embassy in that country. It will then be the duty of the Embassy to get your passport replaced so that you can come back to India without any legal hassles.


Q6.  What should I do if I am stranded in a foreign country owing to a natural calamity like Tsunami?

A6.  In the event of a natural calamity or a terrorist attack in a foreign country, it is the duty of the Indian Embassy in that country to bring to safety all Indian citizens present there. It is their responsibility to evacuate and send back Indians to India.

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