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Legal Framework

·  Article 326 of the Constitution of India gives every Indian citizen above 18 years of age, the legal Right to Vote. It states that:


The elections to the House of the People and to the Legislative Assembly of every State shall be on the basis of adult suffrage; but is to say, every person who is a citizen of India and who is not less than twenty one years of age on such date as may be fixed in that behalf by or under any law made by the appropriate legislature and is not otherwise disqualified under this constitution or any law made by the appropriate Legislature on the ground of non residence, unsoundness of mind, crime or corrupt or illegal practice, shall be entitled to be registered as a voter at any such election”


·  61st Amendment Act, 1989 of the Constitution of India reduced the age of voting from 21 years to 18 years. Hence, since 1989, every Indian citizen above 18 years of age has a Right to Vote.


·  Representation of People’s Act 1951 was passed by the legislature to provide for the conduct of elections. It laid down the rules, qualifications and disqualifications for membership of Houses of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. It gives detailed provisions about the administrative machinery for the conduct of elections and registration of political party. It also specifies the rules that are to be followed during counting of votes and declaration of election results. All elections throughout the country are governed by this Act.

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