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Q1.  What is meant by a public office?

A1.  A public office means any post in a government department that is directly linked with the service of people. It includes the post of the President, Vice- President and the Governors of various states. It also includes the jobs in various government departments and ministries.


Q2.  What is meant by the right to hold public office?

A2.  Right to hold public office is a political right given to the citizens of India, just as the right to vote. It is the right that empowers the citizens to participate directly or indirectly in the administration and working of the government system in the country. By the virtue of this right, every citizen of India can work in any of the government department as per his qualifications and contribute in the decision- making process in the country.


Q3.  What are the qualifications required to hold public office in India?

A3.  The first and most important qualification to hold public office in India is that the person must be a citizen of India. A foreigner cannot hold any public post in India. Secondly, he should be of sound mind, that is, he should not be mentally unstable. Besides there are also certain age requirements, but they vary from post to post. For example, for some jobs, it is sufficient that a person is above 18 years of age, but for some public offices, such as that of the President of India, he must be above 35 years of age. However, the minimum age qualification is that a person must not be a minor, that is he should be above 18 years of age to be eligible for any public office.


Q4.  Can non-resident Indians hold a public office in India?

A4.  In India, right to hold public office has only been given to the citizens of India. Non Resident Indians don’t have the right to hold public office in India. They don’t even have the right to vote in elections. However, the government is working towards providing the right to vote to them, but to give them the right to hold public office will still take some time.


Q5.  Can anyone in India hold a public office?

A5.  Yes, every citizen of India irrespective of his caste, class, religion and gender is eligible to hold public office. However, he needs to fulfill the other eligibility requirements for the public office as laid down by the government.

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