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About Naughty Paaji

www.naughtypaaji.com is an infotainment (information + entertainment) website that has been developed with the thought of spreading awareness amongst all age groups about the various rights that you are eligible for being a citizen of a great country like India.

It is an effort to help realize your potential that has been granted to you by the constitution of India to fight back amidst rampant and growing malpractice & corruption from across various quarters, while you go to seek what rightfully belongs to you – i.e. your fundamental right.

In today´s world where connectivity is at our fingertips and information is abundant, we are still in the dark about something as intrinsic and basic as our fundamental rights as granted by our constitution. Though many of us acquire and operate latest gadgets with ease, when it comes to acquiring knowledge about our fundamental rights we find it difficult. While we all aspire to become good global citizens, we are often not well equipped to be informed, aware and engaged citizens of our great nation. This often makes us feel inadequate when faced with a situation where we need to be aware of the laws of our land or our rights.

In an effort to awaken citizens to the power of our constitution, www.naughtypaaji.com attempts to spread valuable knowledge about our Fundamental Rights. The character Naughty Paa Ji is an upstanding citizen of our country who believes in having an engaged relation with his country, by being aware of his Rights as well as being true to his Duties, as stated in the constitution. As Naughty Paa Ji goes about his daily life, he encounters several adventures in which he helps various citizens with information about their Fundamental Rights in order to help them in their time of need.

The aim of www.naughtypaaji.com is to help people of India be conscious of their Rights, be more alert and engaged citizens so that when they see any ´wrong´ , they can respond correctly by invoking their ´Rights´. As our country races towards progress, it is even more important to develop a citizenship well aware of their rights and duties. It is said that "Democracy is measured not by leaders doing extraordinary things, but by its citizens doing ordinary things extraordinarily well." In order to fulfil our destiny as citizens of a truly great country, each of us need to be aware of what is rightfully ours – Our Fundamental Rights. Naughty Paa Ji is an ordinary hero, who can teach us how.

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