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Consumer Right

I booked a Honda Motorcycle. There was a waiting period of one month before the bike could be delivered. In that period the price of the bike went up by Rs. 15000/-. Now the dealer is asking me to pay the increased price saying that the bike was delivered to me when the price was already increased. Am I liable to pay the increased price? Please help.


If you have paid the entire amount of the bike, then you are not supposed to pay increased price. However, if you have paid only advance or earnest money then you are required to pay the increased amount to take the delivery or cancel the booking with refund of booking amount. Further if the price hike is due to increase in excise duty or other taxes then also you have to pay the increased amount.Generally terms of booking specifies that the prices prevailing at the time of delivery of vehicle would be applicable.
Posted by Ashish Kumar on 03-11-2012 at 03:41:34
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